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The Petro Camp Laboratory of Speed
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The Petro Camp Laboratory of Speed

At Petro Camp we spend a lot of time thinking about the aesthetics of small details, we like to re-think everything twice, from packagings and t-shirt labels to typographies and our warehouse.

What is the Laboratory of Speed?

The Laboratory, our warehouse (actually a storage room), is not open to the public, no visitors, yet we have taken great care to decorate it with NASA-inspired photos, racing suits and other motorsports memorabilia. We have even painted the wall pipes, we wear lab coats and have 'Petro Camp Certified' stickers for all our electrical equipment to make it look like a real laboratory. It sounds odd but it's true.

The Petro Camp Laboratory is a showroom, always clean, always ready for the 'visitor'.

Petro Camp Laboratory





Details matter. We believe work environments strongly influence creativity and day-to-day operations, following this rule, a showroom-like warehouse will subconsciously influence the way we prepare and pack our orders, always with great care and attention to detail.

We are a digital native brand, our customers experience Petro Camp products through a screen, this of lack of physical contact with the product is the reason why go the extra-mile with order shipments. Customers trust us 'blindly' by shopping online without feeling the products, it then becomes our turn to deliver a memorable unboxing experience along with great products - our customers deserve it.


And why NASA?

We got inspired by NASA for three reasons:

1. Its history of successful missions and technological accomplishments. It's an organisation we look up to, they set themselves high goals and actually accomplish them. They get stuff done and we aim to do the same.

2. Rockets and parcels, there's a slight resemblance there. We send our products all over the world, we couldn't think of a better brand than NASA to represent our 'rocket shipments'.

3. Aesthetics. NASA is cool.

 Petro Camp Laboratory Shipment

Petro Camp Laboratory Alex



The Laboratory of Speed is the heart of Petro Camp, without it there would be no products, no adventures, no brand. It's a small inaccessible storage room but we wanted to share the principle of this space with all our community; so to represent the Laboratory's essence digitally, we created @petrocamplab, the digital Laboratory of Speed only for Petro Campers. Go on, take a peek at what we get up to behind the scenes - no visitors.


With full throttle,
The Petro Camp Team