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Petro Camp Icelandic Expedition
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Petro Camp Icelandic Expedition

Iceland, an eye-watering country with landscapes that blow you away. Back in 2015, the Petro Camp team headed over there to explore the country's back roads on a jacked up Super Defender we rented from Geysir.

It took a week of off-road exploring just to see the southern and central regions of the country. From lush green plains, to contrasting rocky peaks and incredible waterfalls, this was truly a Petro Camp Adventure.

The full route was mapped out with a GPS so that others can follow the same path that took the Petro Camp team to these incredible spots. A word of caution, the route was done on a fully equipped 4x4, please do not attempt the same route on a regular SUV as there are many river crossings that could put SUVs in big trouble.

You can see the full route with the GPS coordinates here.