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Bolivian Expedition
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Bolivian Expedition

Petro Camp family members Alex and Jacobo decided they'd had enough of their usual summer routines and headed off to Bolivia, the country with the highest capital in the world. Two bikes, a roughly planned route and spare change for beers was all they needed.

"the most scenic country both of us had ever witnessed"

Alex's words:
Bolivia. We knew little about this country, we expected high altitudes (considering La Paz is the world's highest capital at 3,640m), cold weather and llamas, not much else... It turned out to be the most scenic country both of us had ever witnessed; rocky snowy mountains, dusty forests, vast plains, sand dunes, dense jungles, salt flats and colonial cities were all part of our daily commutes.

We managed to ride 3,300km on two Suzuki DR 200s, Nuna and Teresita. From muddy tracks, to endless straights, rocky paths, snow covered roads and even motocross tracks, these motorbikes made this incredible journey possible.

The Route (23 days)
La Paz - Coroico - La Paz
La Paz - Uyuni
Uyuni - Potosí
Potosí - Sucre
Sucre - La Higuera
La Higuera - Samaipata
Samaipata - Cochabamba
Cochabamba - Oruro
Oruro - La Paz

Here are some photos and a video from the trip so you can get an idea of how varied the landscape is in Bolivia. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

More info about Alex here.