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Autumn Motorbike Trip in La Cerdanya
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Autumn Motorbike Trip in La Cerdanya

Autumn is a special season, no matter how many times you might have done the same trail, it can blow you away with the new colours, all types of yellow, orange and red. Petro Camp Team members Alex and Jacobo decided to get the XR600R and the XT600 out for a weekend rip, from Barcelona to La Cerdanya - a valley located in the Spanish Pyrenees.

The guys grabbed two colourful yellow jackets from the 1989 Paris-Dakar Golo Team and headed out, the idea was simple, avoid main roads and prioritise off-roading.

Petro Camp Trip Cerdanya Preparation

Day one went smoothly, setting off early in the morning and climbing up to the mountains. A fall here and there, but nothing serious; good times and great scenery. The guys arrived in La Cerdanya by nightfall, having climbed all the way to 2,000m and ridden their bikes under chairlifts on empty ski hills.

Day two got slightly more complicated. Having woken up to the sound of rainfall and thunder, they tried to time their return with a clear weather-window. It didn't really work out... 10 minutes into their ride, the wind and rain started picking up. It was great for off-road riding, making the tracks have better traction and a lot more fun to slide, but it was very cold and extremely wet.

After 4 hours riding under the rain, they guys arrived at the town of Ripoll, where they found the nearest restaurant to dry out their clothes and have a nice warm soup to get their body temperatures back. It was a pleasant ride back home after that.

You can get part of our route here.

 Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip Tree field

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip XT600

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip XR600

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip Brown Hills

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip Jacobo Looking Back

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip Castellar de n'Hug

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip La Molina Road

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip Church

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip Jacobo Portrait

Petro Camp Cerdanya Trip Road